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Referrals should contain as much information as possible, including the following:

  • Social history

  • Educational history

  • Clear statement with presenting problems

  • Complete placement history

  • Relevant medical records (including immunization, TB, tetanus records)

  • Psychological and psychiatric evaluations

  • Copy of birth certificate and social security card

When making referrals to San Mar, please identify the specific program you are requesting placement. Referrals to all programs must go to the attention of San Mar Admissions.

Making contact by phone prior to making a formal referral is encouraged to determine the availability of a bed in the appropriate program. The referring worker will be contacted as soon as possible following receipt of the information packet, usually two working days. During that contact a time will be set to meet the girl (or boy in the case of foster care). Please note all attempts will be made to move the referred girl into the appropriate program in as timely a manner as possible. A physical exam must be completed by a licensed physician prior to admission. Admission will not become final until all of the required admission material is provided and all of the admission forms provided to the placing worker have been completed properly and returned.

Foster Care

For those referrals to the Treatment Foster Care program efforts will be made to match the child or youth with an available family. Prior to admission into the program several visits will be scheduled with the child/youth and the family to assist in determining the appropriateness of the particular match.

Therapeutic Group Homes

In addition to all of the material required for placement into the regular group home or foster care any girl referred to one of our Therapeutic Group Homes must also have a current DSM IV diagnosis and a psychological completed within the past six month period.

Anderson Transitional Home

Direct referrals are not accepted into this program.

Shelter Care

For girls 13 - 18 needing a safe, short term (up to 90 days) placement contact the program manager (301-733-9067 x 753). After regular business hours call extension 750.